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About Us

From our hometown,
right to your heart
Mr.Wu, started out in 2017 as a little Taiwanese restaurant at Kajang. It has turned into a well-known food chain in Klang Valley. Mr Wu serves not only your typical Taiwanese food like salted crispy chicken, braised pork rice, oyster mee sua and bubble milk tea but also strives to develop and create new and exciting flavours in their dishes. This is also Mr Wu’s spirit of creativeness that they have proudly inherited from Taiwan!
It all began with the promise of providing a Taiwanese-style home-cooked meal which is authentic, affordable and delicious. That was the initial concept of the first ever Mr. Wu Taiwanese restaurant in Kajang, Selangor, which has opened its doors since 2017. Mr. Wu’s signature Taiwanese dishes reminded the customers so much of their dining experience in Taiwan. It brings Mr. Wu joy that we are able to ‘pamper’ or spoil’ the customers with our good Taiwanese cuisine without the need of traveling to Taiwan.

“You can never tire of home-cooked food!” said Mr.Wu, founder of Mr.Wu. “Our food is similar to what we had in Taiwan-simple, convenient and tasty.”
5 reasons choosing MR.WU?
Wide variety of Taiwanese food & drinks at reasonable price
Menu cater for all times
Consistent quality standard based on supplies from central kitchen
Established brand identity in the market
Mr. Wu and R&D team are genuine Taiwanese, hence, understand Taiwanese culture well